Sunday July 14th, 2013

Stage 15Givors / Mont Ventoux

Start 10h45 GMT 2+

Key moments

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Stage summary14.07.2013 in 17:23Froome: victory in the Sky

Anyone who doubted the strength of Chris Froome and his Sky team at the 100th Tour de France was reminded that although two men are no longer there as support, the Kenyan-born Brit is The Dominant rider of the 2013 race. With great support from Peter Kennaugh and Richie Porte on the final climb - and a dream lead to the epic encounter on Mont Ventoux in the final 20km of the longest stage of this year's Tour - the leader of the Sky team put on a display of climbing that will be talked about...

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interview14.07.2013 in 17:45Peter Sagan: "I had in mind to also make the top 10..."

The rider in the green jersey was part of the 10 man break that went at 30km. He was caught by the peloton at the foot of the final climb but not before doing a wheelie to «make a nice photo»...

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interview14.07.2013 in 17:43Nairo Quintana: "At the end I lacked strength"

The best young rider after 15 stages will not wear the white jersey in stage 16, instead Nairo Quintana - who is second to Froome in the climbing classification - will wear the polka-dot jersey but the Colombian has hopes for two things by the end of the 100th Tour: victory in the youth classification as well as a place on the podium for GC.

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interview14.07.2013 in 17:25Chris Froome: I didn't expect to win...

The race leader is the stage winner and the King of the Mountains. Chris Froome's dominant performance at the 100th Tour de France continued with an epic ride up into the sky...

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Sporting stakes13.07.2013 in 18:57Mont Ventoux: another legend is about to unfold

The longest stage of Le Tour 2013 promises to be a most compelling competition but it is no ordinary day on the race. This is a battle for bragging rights. Rising to an altitude of 1,912 metres Mont Ventoux inspires writers and riders alike. More has arguably been said about this one climb than any other in the long history of the Tour de France. It is brutal and beautiful. And the winner here becomes part of the legend of the race. To conquer the slopes Giant of Provence – just by...

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16:44The top 10 overall after stage 15

There was a significant change to the top order of the GC after the race to Mont Ventoux here is the top 10:

1. Froome (SKY)

2. Mollema (BEL) at 4'14"

3. Contador (TST) at 4'25"

4. Kreuziger (TST) at 4'28"

5. Ten Dam (BEL) at 4'54"

6. Quintana (MOV) at 5'47"

7. Fuglsang (AST) at 6'22"

8. Rodriguez (KAT) at 7'11"

9. Peraud (ALM) at 7'47"

10. Kwiatkowski (OPQ) at 7'58"

16:39The new top 5 of GC: Mollema keeps second place

The top five of the overall rankings after stage 15 is:

1. Chris Froome (GBR) SKY

2. Bauke Mollema (NED) BEL at 4'14"

3. Alberto Contador (ESP) TST at 4'25"

4. Roman Kreuziger (CZE) at 4'28"

5. Laurens Ten Dam (NED) BEL 4'54"

16:37Top five in stage

The top five in the 15th stage is:

1. Chris Froome (GBR) SKY 5h48'45"

2. Nairo Quintana (COL) MOV at 29"

3. Mikel Nieve (ESP) EUS at 1'23"

4. Joaquim Rodriguez (ESP) KAT at 1'23"

5. Roman Kreuziger (CZE) TST at 1'40"

16:35Quintana into the white jersey

With his second place in the stage and significant time gains on the rider who had led the youth classification, Nairo Quintana will wear the white jersey in stage 16 on Tuesday.

16:34Froome wins the stage!

Froome has taken victory at Mont Ventoux. He beat Quintana to the line after the pair attacked 6.5km from the finish. It is the Sky leader's third stage win in the Tour, the second this year and his first in the yellow jersey.

16:32One corner to go...

Froome is wrestling every ounce of energy out of himself. He is around the final bend and about to salute an epic victory.

16:31A third stage win awaits...

With just 500m to go, it's certain that Froome will with the 15th stage. He won a stage last year and was first at Ax-3-Domaines on the day he took the yellow jersey for the first time.

This will be Froome's third stage win in the Tour de France, his first in the yellow jersey.

16:30Froome 10" ahead of Quintana

With 1km to go, Froome has a lead of 10" on the Colombian from Movistar, Nairo Quintana.

16:29Froome leaves Quintana behind...!

Froome has raced away from Quintana with 1.2km to go. He'll win the stage, take the lead in the climbing classification and increase his advantage in the general classification.

16:27Porte caught by Mollema group

Porte has been reeled in by the Mollema group that now has 11 riders in it: De Clercq, Fuglsang, Peraud, Kreuziger, Rogers, Rodriguez, Moreno, Mollema and Ten Dam.

16:25Mollema group: 1'30" behind

The group including the rider in second overall is 1'30" behind Froome. The Dutchman is going to slip to third on the GC rankings as Contador is about 45" ahead of him.

16:24Contador has Nieve's support...

Contador has not done a turn for several minutes but he is well supported by compatriot Nieve but this pair cannot get closer to the yellow jersey who is now inside the final 3km.

16:233.5km to go: Froome increasing his lead

Froome is at the front of the leading pair but he's now talking to Quintana. This pair is 50" ahead of Contador and Nieve.

The Mollema group is at 1'35".

16:21Chavanel takes 'Fighting Spirit' award...

The last of the early escapees to be caught is Sylvain Chavanel. He will wear a red race number in stage 16 on Tuesday after winning the 'Fighting Spirit' award today.

16:20Froome leads Contador by 30"

Froome is setting the pace ahead of Quintana and the main concern is gaining time on Contador who is now 30" behind.

16:19Eight in third group...

There are eight riders in the third group: Mollema, Valverde, Ten Dam, Peraud, Rodriguez, Fuglsang, De Clercq, and Kreuziger.

They are 45" behind Contador and Nieve who are 25" behind Froome and Quintana.

16:17Froome leading Quintana

Froome spent a minute ahead of the stage but now we see Quintana come through to do a turn and part the enormous crowds. This pair are 5.8km from the end of the stage. They are 30" ahead of Contador and Nieve.

16:15Contador with Nieve

Quintana is responding to Froome and there are now two men in the lead of the stage. They are 28" ahead of Contador and Nieve.

16:14Phenomenal acceleration...!

It took a matter of seconds for Froome to race up to the wheel of Movistar's Quintana. And now we see the yellow jersey surging again.

Froome is in the lead of the stage with about 6.5km to go.

16:13The knock out blow come from Froome!

Porte's turn of pace was over and Froome rode with Contador for a fraction of a second but then absolutely flew ahead. It was a phenomenal turn of pace and Froome is now racing into the lead of the stage. Only Quintana is ahead of the yellow jersey.

16:12Quintana leads the stage on his own

Quintana (MOV) has dropped Nieve (EUS).

16:11Nieve responds to Quintana's acceleration

While Froome talks to Porte 30" behind the stage leader, we can see Quintana on the attack. He has opened a gap on Nieve...

16:10Porte drops Kreuziger and Mollema

Porte is pulling Froome and Contador away from the riders in 2nd, 4th and 5th overall...

16:09Valverde and Fuglsang now dropped...

Valverde, De Clercq and Fuglsang are now also out of the yellow jersey's peltoon.

16:09Gesink also dropped...

Gesink has finished his turn in the yellow jersey's peloton that is now just 28" behind Quintana and Nieve.

16:08Two more dropped from yellow jersey peloton...

Martin (GRS) and Moreno (KAT) are now also out of the yellow jersey's peloton.

16:07The yellow jersey peloton...

Froome and Porte (SKY), De Clercq (LTB), Monfort (RTL), Fuglsang (AST), Peraud (ALM), Contador, Rogers, Hernandez, Kreuziger (TST), Rodriguez and Moreno (KAT), Valverde (MOV), Gesink, Mollema and Ten Dam (BEL), Martin (GRS) are the riders now in the yellow jersey's peloton.

16:06Kennaugh finished...

Kennaugh has finished his turn of pace and now it's only Porte with Froome with about 9.5km to go.

Talansky has also been dropped from the yellow jersey's peloton.

16:05Roadside feeding for Sky trio

Kennaugh, Porte and Froome have all collected feedbags from a Sky soigneur who was waiting on the right-hand side of the road with 9.5km to go. Their peloton is 50" behind Quintana and Nieve who continue to ride together since joining forces with about 12km to go.

16:03Yellow jersey 10km from the finish: 44" behind

Quintana and Nieve are 44" ahead of the yellow jersey's peloton of 21.

16:00Evans dropped with 11km to go

Evans has lost contact with the yellow jersey's peloton 11km from the finish of stage 15. He has Morabito with him...

16:00Composition of yellow jersey peloton

Froome, Porte and Kennaugh (SKY), De Clercq (LTB), Evans and Morabito (BMC), Monfort (RTL), Fuglsang (AST), Peraud and Bardet (ALM), Contador, Rogers, Hernandez, Kreuziger (TST), Rodriguez and Moreno (KAT), Valverde (MOV), Kwiatkowski (OPQ), Gesink, Mollema and Ten Dam (BEL), Martin and Talanksy (GRS) are the riders in the yellow jersey peloton.

15:56Kennaugh sets the pace for Froome

Contador is on the wheel of the yellow jersey who has Kennaugh and Porte ahead of him. This group is 39" behind Nieve (EUS).

15:55Quintana into the lead

Quintana is 30" ahead of the peloton. The Colombian is now looking to get into the lead of the race after recently catching Chavanel. The only rider ahead of Quintana is Nieve (EUS).

15:54Gilbert dropped

Gilbert is one of many to lose contact with the peloton with 13km to go. Morabito is still in the peloton and leading Evans (BMC).

15:53Quintana on the attack

Quintana (MOV) has attacked the peloton with 13km to climb. He is in pursuit of Nieve (EUS), Bakelants (RTL) and Chavanel (OPQ).

15:52Nieve attacks and catches Bakelants...

Bakelants is 26" behind Chavanel and now we see Nieve (EUS) catch the Belgian who won stage two.

Roche (TST) has just been dropped by the peloton with the yellow jersey.

15:49Bakelants joins Irizar...

Bakelants and Irizar are together and in 2nd and 3rd place. The attack by Bakelants has caught his team-mate at the same time that Schleck started going backwards.

15:48Costa's turn is over too... and Schleck drops out of the peloton

Costa, Poels, Voeckler are some of the riders who have been dropped. Now it's Schleck's turn to lose contact...

15:46Poels caught

Poels has been caught and now only three of the escapees remain ahead: Chavanel, Irizar and Riblon.

15:45Costa now leading the peloton

Siutsou (SKY) finished his turn and has been dropped by the peloton that is now led by Movistar's Costa.

15:4515km to go for Chavanel

Chavanel is inside the final 15km with a lead of 1'20" on the peloton. He is 45" ahead of Irizar and Riblon. Poels is the next of the escape that will be caught...

15:43Losada and Impey caught

Only four men are still ahead of the peloton. Losada (KAT) and Impey (OGE) were in the escape but they have just been absorbed by the peloton.

15:42Gilbert with Evans...

Evans may have lost the support of van Garderen even before the final climb but the 2011 champion has the world champion, Gilbert, ahead of him now. This pair is very close to the front of the peloton that is 1'30" behind Chavanel.

15:41Three team-mates with Froome

Siutsou is still at the front of the peloton followed by two Omega Pharma riders. Then we see Kennaugh and Porte ahead of Froome who is riding almost alongside Contador and Mollema.

15:40FDJ's escape duo caught

Fedrigo and Roy have also been caught by the peloton that is 1'35" behind Chavanel.

15:39The showman does a wheelie before being caught

Sagan has done a one-handed wheelie just as he saw that he was about to be caught by the peloton. The green jersey is now on his was back through the bunch that is led by Sky.

15:38Irizar and Riblon 25" behind Chavanel

Riblon and Irizar are the 2nd and 3rd riders in the stage. They are 25" behind Chavanel.

15:37Stannard, Thomas and Lopez dropped by peloton

Three of the Sky team have been dropped by the peloton in the opening kilometres of the climb.

Siutsou is now at the front ahead of three from Omega Pharma-Quickstep.

15:35Rolland dropped

At the base of the climb, Rolland (EUC) has been dropped by the peloton along with Thomas (SKY).

15:34Sagan switches into survival mode

Sagan is the last of the escapees to pass under the 20km to go banner. He is 45" behind Chavanel.

The Sky team has Stannard at the front and he leads the peloton to the Ventoux climb, 1'45" behind Chavanel.

15:33Chavanel leads to the foot of the Ventoux

Chavanel has a lead of 20" at the base of the Ventoux. The peloton is at 1'40".

15:31Chavanel leads by 10"

With 1km to go before the start of the climb, Chavanel has a lead of 10" on the eight other escapees.

Van Garderen (BMC) has been dropped by the peloton.

15:30Chavanel attacks the lead group

Is the Omega Pharma-Quickstep hoping to take a hat-trick today? The team's representative in the escape, Sylvain Chavanel, has launched an attack. He is on his own at the front of the stage.

15:272'00" lead for Sagan's group

The base of the Ventoux is 5km away and the nine leaders are just 2'00" ahead.

15:26Lopez, Thomas, Siutsou...

The pace of the Sky team is forcing a number of riders to be dropped including Hesjedal, Castroviejo, Cavendish...

It's Lopez at the front for the moment ahead of Thomas and Siutsou. All seven of the Sky team is at the front but RadioShack is also well respresented at teh head of the peloton.

15:24Sky team over the head of the peloton

The big showdown is about to start! All off the Sky team is at the front of the bunch in the final few kilometres leading to the foot of Mont Ventoux.

15:233'00" between nine leaders and peloton: 30km to go

With 30km to go the nine stage leaders - Sagan, Irizar, Fedrigo, Roy, Riblon, Losada, Chavanel, Impey and Poels - are 3'00" ahead of the peloton.

15:20Three Euskaltel riders lead peloton

The Movistar team is now getting some support at the front of the peloton from three Euskaltel riders.

15:19Full result of intermediate sprint

1. Sagan (CAN) 20pts

2. Chavanel (OPQ) 17pts

3. Impey (OGE) 15pts

4. Poels (VCD) 13pts

5. Roy (FDJ) 11pts

6. Losada (KAT) 10pts

7. Irizar (RTL) 9pts

8. Fedrigo (FDJ) 8pts

9. Riblon (ALM) 7pts

10. Greipel (LTB) 6pts

11. Cavendish (OPQ) 5pts

12. Rojas (MOV) 4pts

13. Erviti (MOV) 3pts

15. Castroviejo (MOV) 2pts

15. Amador (MOV) 1pt

15:17Two teams leading peloton

The long line of Movistar riders at the front of the peloton is more bunched up now. Sky has ridden up alongside the Spanish team.

15:16First nine places at intermediate sprint

The points for the first nine in the intermediate sprint were won by:

1. Sagan (CAN) 20pts

2. Chavanel (OPQ) 17pts

3. Impey (OGE) 15pts

4. Poels (VCD) 13pts

5. Roy (FDJ) 11pts

6. Losada (KAT) 10pts

7. Irizar (RTL) 9pts

8. Fedrigo (FDJ) 8pts

15:1320 points for Sagan

Chavanel just followed Sagan to the line. The 20 points for first place in Malaucene have been won by Sagan. (Full results to follow once the 15th rider reaches the line.)

15:12Sagan marks Chavanel

We can expect to see Chavanel challenge Sagan for the sprint points as Cavendish is still in the hunt for the green jersey...

15:11Sagan at the back of the lead group

With the escape group just 1,500m from the intermediate sprint, the green jersey is keeping a close eye on the eight overs. He wants those 20 points and he's patiently waiting to start his sprint...

Actually, no he's not. Sagan just rode to the front and the swung over and now he's waiting to see if anyone is game to take him on.

15:05Leaders 5km from intermediate sprint...

The stage leaders are inside the final 5km leading to the site of the intermediate sprint in Malaucene (at 208km).

15:00Inside the Vaucluse department

The last 44.5km are contest in the Vaucluse department. The leaders have arrived there and Poels (VCD) is at the back of the group collecting some food from his team car.

14:5945.5km to go: the 25km to the final climb

The nine in the lead are at the 45.5km to go mark, which means they have another 25 to go before beginning the ascent of Mont Ventoux. They are 3'40" ahead of the peloton that continues to be led by the Movistar team.

14:50Sagan intent on gaining more points

One of the nine in the lead of the stage is the leader of the Cannondale team, Peter Sagan. He has 357 points in the race for the green jersey (that he won in 2012 and that he has worn since stage three of the 2013 race). But he didn't collect a point yesterday and clearly sustained withdrawal symptons as he's gone on the attack in stage 15. His group of nine is now 15km from the site of the intermediate sprint.

14:46Fast average all day: 4th hour - 45.5km/h

The average speed for the fourth hour is 45.5km/h. The average for the first four hours in stage 15 is 46.6km/h!

14:45Movistar... still taking charge

The Movistar team continues to set the pace of the chase. The peloton is 3'25" behind the nine escapees who are 55km from the finish.

14:43Contador, Kreuziger and Ten Dam on Mont Ventoux (2009)

Three of the top five of the GC after 14 stages of the 2013 were in the Tour when the race last had a stage finish at Mont Ventoux.

- Alberto Contador was 4th – 32” behind Garate

- Roman Kreuziger was 7th at 46”

- Laurens Ten Dam was 65th at 9'14”

14:34Chasing reeling in the leaders

The effort of the Movistar team is having and effect: the peloton is closing in on the escapees who are now ahead by 3'25".

14:31Best Movistar riders on GC: Valverde and Costa

The Movistar team is stringing the peloton out in one long line with the pace they're currently setting. The two riders from this squad who dropped out of the top 10 of GC because of a puncture two days ago are Valverde and Costa. They were second and 10th, respectively.

At the start of the 15th stage, they were 17th and 18th overall - 12'10" and 14'22" behind, respectively.

14:29New bike for Contador

The rider who was third at Mont Ventoux in 2009, Alberto Contador (TST) has just stopped behind the peloton to get a new bike from his team car. Two team-mates also waited for their leader who is ranked third overall at the moment... he wasted no time in returning to the peloton that is 3'45" behind the nine stage leaders.

14:26Lead grows a little...

The nine men have pushed their advantage on the Movistar-led peloton up to 3'50". The escapees are 70km from the finish.

14:23Winner on Ventoux part of 16-man escape group

Juan Manuel Garate won the stage to Mont Ventoux in 2009 when it was the held on the final Saturday of the Tour de France. On the day of the Spaniard's only victory at the Tour, he was part of an escape group of 16 men. One of them was Christophe Riblon (who is in the move of nine at the moment).

Four years ago, the escape group started the final climb with an advantage of 4'05" on the yellow jersey's peloton. Tony Martin was second (at 3") and Andy Schleck was third (at 38") one...

14:1580km to go: 3'40" lead for nine

The Movistar team remains at the front of the peloton that is 3'40" behind the nine escapees who are inside the final 80km of the longest stage of the 100th Tour.

Here's a reminder of the nine at the front: Sagan (CAN), Irizar (RTL), Fedrigo and Roy (FDJ), Riblon (ALM), Losada (KAT), Chavanel (OPQ), Impey (OGE) and Poels (VCD).

14:11Clouds starting to appear at Mont Ventoux

The site of the finish was bright and sunny early this morning - and particularly hot yesterday - but at the moment some clouds are starting to appear at Mont Ventoux. It's keeping the temperature relatively cool, around 24 degrees at the top.

14:03Porte (part 03): Racing with Sir Brad and Chris Froome...

The other Tour winner that Richie Porte has raced with was Bradley Wiggins, last year. Here's what the Tasmanian had to say about what it was like working with the 2012 champion... and the runner-up, Chris Froome.

“But Brad and Froomey are guys I've raced with a lot.

“Brad and I raced together at pretty much every race we did last year. And Froomey was there a lot too.

“Brad is Brad. He knows what he wants. But the orders don't always come from him. The orders...

14:01Porte (part 02)... on racing with Andy Schleck

Porte (SKY) continues his appraisal of three former Tour winners who have, at one stage or another been on the same team as him... in this second installment he speaks about the winner of the 2010 edition, Schleck.

“Andy... well, I really only rode Clasica San Sebastian with him in my first year at Saxo Bank and he told me he wasn't racing that day because Alberto wasn't there to race against. This was just after the ‘Chain Gate' Tour. Andy actually helped me that day. So I don't...

13:59Porte on racing with three former Tour winners (part 01)

Before the 100th Tour de France, caught up with Richie Porte who, at various stages of his career, has ridden on the same team as three former Tour de France winners. We asked for his appraisal of Alberto Contador (who he raced with in 2011), Andy Schleck (who he raced with in 2010) and Bradley Wiggins (who he did the Tour with in 2012).

Here's what he had to say about Contador: “The year I rode with Alberto in the Giro that he won before having the title taken off him,...

13:50Results of cote de Bourdeaux: Roy ahead of Riblon

The points of the second climb in stage 15 have been won by:

1. Jeremy Roy (FDJ) 2pts

2. Christophe Riblon (ALM) 1pt

13:47Movistar leading the peloton

The chasing duties had been handled by Europcar for some time early today but now we see the Movistar team at the head of the bunch as it makes its way up the cote de Bourdeaux.

13:47100km to go for nine men

The nine stage leaders - Sagan, Roy, Fedrigo, Riblon, Losada, Chavanel, Impey and Poels are less than 100km from the finish. They are inside the final kilometre of the fourth climb and have a lead of 3'20".

13:45Average speed for third hour: 41.3km/h

The average for the third hour of stage 15 is 41.3km/h. The average since the start: 47.0km/h.

13:41Peloton begins the 4th climb

The top of the cote de Bourdeaux is at the 143km mark. The peloton is on the early slopes of this 4.2km climb with a deficit of 3'05" to the nine stage leader.

13:40Schleck: an aggressor on Ventoux in 2009... optimistic in 2013

When the Tour last came to Mont Ventoux, Andy Schleck was racing to try and claim the yellow jersey. He would fail (but win the white jersey). On the climb up to the 1,912m high summit, he attacked no less than nine times.

He sat out last year's Tour because of injury and although he had a slow start to the season in 2013, he was optimistic about having a good comeback Tour. He's what had told earlier in the year.

"I just need competition and then I think it can turn...

13:32El Fares back with the peloton

One of the original escapees, Julien El Fares (SOJ) was recently caught by the peloton that is now 3'30" behind the Sagan group.

13:30Prudhomme: "You have to be ambitious..."

The race director Christian Prudhomme has had this role at the Tour de France since 2006 (when he shared duties with the outgoing race director Jean-Marie Leblanc). In the time that Prudhomme has been at the helm, the Tour has finished at Mont Ventoux once.

“In the year with the late finish at Mont Ventoux (on the penultimate stage of the 2009 race), at 7.00 in the morning there was not going to be a stage," Prudhomme told "The wind was so extreme that it would have been...

13:23Nine in the lead: El Fares drops out of the lead group

There are now nine riders in the lead group - Sagan (CAN), Irizar, (RTL), Fedrigo and Roy (FDJ), Riblon (ALM), Losada (EUS), Chavanel (OPQ), Impey (OGE), Poels (VCD).

El Fares (SOJ) had been in the break that formed at the 30km mark. He is now 1'55" behind.

The peloton is at 3'30".

13:14Escapees at the halfway mark of the longest stage...

The 10-man lead group is at the 121km mark which puts them halfway between Givors and Mont Ventoux.

13:13Peloton in the feedzone (115.5km): 3'55" behind

Sagan (CAN), Irizar, (RTL), Fedrigo and Roy (FDJ), Riblon (ALM), Losada (KAT), Chavanel (OPQ), Impey (OGE), Poels (VCD), El Fares (SOJ) have a lead of 3'55" as the peloton arrives at the feedzon.

13:03Europcar is at the front of the peloton and setting a rapid pace

The escapees are 1km from the feedzone (ie. 115km) and the peloton is moving at a very fast pace thanks to the efforts of the Europcar team that's been at the front for the past 45 minutes.

13:01Advantage drops below five minutes

Sagan, Irizar, Fedrigo, Roy, Riblon, Losada, Chavanel, Impey, Poels and El Fares are now 4'50" ahead.

12:59Only 10 ahead of the peloton now

Rolland and Burghardt have been caught (at 103km) which leaves only 10 men ahead of the peloton that is now 5'05" behind.

The stage is led by: Peter Sagan (CAN), Markel Irizar, (RTL), Pierrick Fedrigo and Jeremy Roy (FDJ), Christophe Riblon (ALM), Alberto Losada (KAT - not EUS, as reported in a previous flash, pardon the error), Sylvain Chavanel (OPQ), Daryl Impey (OGE), Wouter Poels (VCD), Julien El Fares (SOJ).

12:57Peloton at 102km: 5'20" behind

The peloton is about to catch Rolland and Burghardt who are only 45" ahead but the 10-man escape group still has a considerable advantage... even if it is shrinking. Sagan's group is 5'20" ahead as the peloton reaches the 102km mark.

12:47Peloton 6'05" behind at 95km

The peloton is 6'05" behind at the 95km mark.

Rolland and Burghardt are at 3'10".

12:46Second hour: 50.4km/h!

The second hour is the fastest average announced by Radio Tour this year: 50.4km/h! (There may have been other faster hours but it's not always possible for this stat to be announced in the closing hours of some stages.)

The average for the first two hours combined: 49.3km/h.

12:40Rolland now waiting for peloton

The rider in the polka-dot jersey got to within 15" of the lead group but as he was 1'00" behind (while riding with Burghardt), he has conceded and is now sitting up and waiting for the peloton.

12:39Only 12 men ahead of the peloton now

Le Mevel (COF) and Astarloza (EUS) have been caught by the peloton and now there are only 12 men ahead of the peloton.

12:32Le Mevel and Astarloza waiting for the peloton

The second counter-attacking pair, Mikel Astarloza (EUS) and Christophe Le Mevel (COF) have been trying to bridge the gap to the stage leaders for 40km but they have now ceased their effort and have sat up to wait for the peloton.

12:31Peloton led by Europcar

Although it has Pierre Rolland up ahead in stage 15, Europcar is the team that's leading the peloton that is now 6'40" behind the 10.

12:2810 not making it easy for counter-attacking pair

Rolland and Burghardt were as close as 15" to the 10 stage leaders but they have drifted behind and now have 35" to make up if they're going to make it to the big group that began their escape at 30km.

12:27Rodriguez's win in 2010 in stage from Bourg-de-Péage

Joaquim Rodriguez (KAT) is racing his second Tour de France. The first time he contested the race was in 2010 and he won a stage in Mende on the day that the race began in the town the peloton has just passed through, Bourg-de-Péage (75.5km).

12:20Rolland and Burghardt at 15"

The 10 leaders are about to be caught by the King of the Mountains, Pierre Rolland (EUC) and Marcus Burghardt (BMC); this pair is now just 15" behind the front group.

12:18Chavanel edging towards the top 10 on GC

The peloton with the yellow jersey is now 7'05" behind the 10 stage leaders. This puts Sylvain Chavanel (OPQ) a virtual 13th place on GC as he is the best placed of the escape group, 14'57" behind Froome.

Next best of the leading 10 is Poels, 27th overall after 14 stages, 21'54" behind Froome.

The peloton is now at 70km.

12:14Peloton now 6'50" behind

Burghardt and Rolland are still trying to catch the 10 stage leaders who are 45" ahead. Then comes the second counter-attack: Le Mevel and Astarloza who are at 1'55".

The peloton is at 6'50".

12:11Fast start: 48.2km/h for the first hour

The first hour of stage 15 was raced at an average speed of 48.2km/h.

12:08No threat to GC lead in front group

Of the 10 in the lead of stage 15, with an advantage of 5'30" on the peloton, the best on GC after 2,325.5km of racing in the 100th Tour is Sylvain Chavanel (OPQ) who started the day in 20th overall, 14'57" behind Froome.

12:06Five former stage winners in the lead group

Of the 10 men in the lead of stage 15, five have previously won at least one stage of the Tour in the past. Those riders are: Sagan (who has won four times in the last two years), Fedrigo (who has four stage wins to his name), Riblon (who won at Ax-3-Domaines in 2009), Chavanel (who has won three stages in total) and Impey (who was part of the winning Orica-GreenEdge team in stage four this year).

12:00Rolland and Burghardt at 42"

The first counter-attacking pair are closing in on the leaders. Rolland and Burghardt are 42" from the 10-man front group.

Le Mevel and Astarloza are at 1'15".

The peloton is at 5'05".

11:58Situation at 52km...

At 52km, the 10 stage leaders had the following time gains:

– Burghardt and Rolland, at 1'08

- Astarloza and Le Mevel, at 1'30”.

The peloton is at 4'05”.

11:55Peloton at 4'05" after 52km

The peloton has accepted the composition of the escape group(s) and has recently eased the pace. The advantage of the 10 stage leaders has quickly grown to 4'05" (with the peloton at 52km).

11:52Rolland catches Burghardt

Rolland has joined forces with Burghardt. They are 1'05" behind the Sagan group.

11:50Rolland also chasing escape

The situation after one hour and five minutes of racing is this...

10 men are in the lead: Sagan (CAN), Irizar, (RTL), Fedrigo and Roy (FDJ), Riblon (ALM), Losada (EUS), Chavanel (OPQ), Impey (OGE), Poels (VCD), El Fares (SOJ). They are 2'40" ahead of the peloton.

Then comes Burghardt (BMC) at 1'05"; Rolland (EUC) and Taaramae (COF) at 1'15"; Astarloza (EUS) at 1'30".

Sky is at the front of the peloton.

11:47Burghardt in counter-attack

Burghardt (BMC) has launched a bid to catch the leading 10. The German is 35" behind the Sagan group and the peloton is at 1'25" from the stage leaders.

11:41El Fares grabs a point at cote de Lens-Lestang

The Cofidis rider in the escape, Julien El Fares, has led the break over the third hill of the stage. He earned one point at the 44.5km mark.

11:4010 lead by 40"...

There is still a group of 10 riders ahead. The riders involved in the breakaway that started at 34km are: Sagan (CAN), Irizar (RTL), Fedrigo (FDJ), Roy (FDJ), Riblon (ALM), Losada (KAT), Chavanel (OPQ), Impey (OGE), Poels (VCD) and El Fares (COF).

11:3313 in a counter-attack

There are 13 riders who are 30" behind the group of 11 who escaped at the 34km mark. The peloton is at 40".

We await the names of the counter-attack but can report that Sky is now at the front of the peloton.

11:3211 in the lead by 40"

Sagan (CAN), Irizar, (RTL), Fedrigo and Roy (FDJ), Riblon (ALM), Losada (EUS), Chavanel (OPQ), Impey (OGE), Poels (VCD), El Fares (SOJ) are in the lead by 40".

11:29Some of the riders in the move...

Sagan (CAN), Monfort (RTL), Fedrigo and Roy (FDJ), Riblon (ALM), Losada (EUS), Chavanel (OPQ), Impey (OGE), Poels (VCD), El Fares (SOJ) are some of the riders on the attack around the 35km mark.

11:2612 in the lead: including Sagan and Chavanel

There are currently 12 men in the lead of stage 15. We know that the green jersey, Sagan (CAN) is present and so too is Sylvain Chavanel (OPQ). Rolland is trying to bridge the gap to the lead group. We'll post the names of others in the escape as soon as they are announced...

11:22Rolland takes one points for second climb

The move by Rolland and Poels is over at the 28km mark but not until after the Europcar rider in the polka-dot jersey added another point to his tally in the climbing classification.

11:20Rolland and Poels on the attack

There are two riders trying to get an advantage over the peloton near the top of the second climb. Rolland (EUC) started the move and he is being chased by Poels (VCD).

11:18Peloton on the second climb

The cote de Primarette is 2.6km long wtih an average gradient of 4.1 per cent. As the bunch makes its way up this second hill of stage 15, Tom Veelers (ARG) has been dropped...

11:17Escape over at 24km

The peloton is all together again. De Gendt and his cohorts were caught at the 24km mark.

11:15Four in the lead by just 5"

The riders at the front of the stage around the 23km mark are: De Gendt (VCD), Chavanel (OPQ), De Marchi (CAN), De Clercq (LTB)... they have a lead of only around 10".

11:13De Gendt has taken the one point of cote d'Eyzin-Pinet

The stage leader had a lead of only a handful of seconds as he crested the first hill of stage 15. De Gendt (VCD) adds another point to his climbing classification tally and he now has a total of 15.

11:09Four in the lead: Katusha at front of the peloton

Clarke (OGE) is also trying to be part of the escape group. Katusha is the team at the front of the peloton which is intent on keeping the pace high early today.

De Gendt has been caught by Costa, Coppel and Martin...

11:07Three riders in pursuit of De Gendt: Costa, Coppel and Martin (OPQ)

The stage leader is now being chased by three others: Costa (MOV), Coppel (COF) and Martin (OPQ).

11:06De Gendt leads by 10"

The peloton is covering every attack and De Gendt hasn't been given any leeway; he is just 10" ahead of the peloton.

11:05Only De Gendt leads the stage...

Kloden (RTL) and Reza (EUC) are now back in the peloton leaving De Gendt (VCD) on his own at the front of the stage.

11:03Three riders in the lead...

There is a new escape at the front of the stage. The riders involved are:

- Reza (EUC)

- De Gendt (VCD)

- Kloden (RTL)

They are 12" ahead at La Rosière (14.5km)

10:59Prize classification review: part 04 ?? white jersey

Michal Kwiatkowski (OPQ) leads Nairo Quintana (MOV) by 34” in the youth classification. The Polish champion is happy to be wearing the white jersey but he told yesterday that he doesn't expect to have it by the end of the day. “Nairo is an amazing climber and I'm a little scared about what might happen on the Ventoux,” said Kwiatkowski in Lyon.

Third in this category is one of the 18 riders who were on the attack in stage 14, Andrew Talansky of the Garmin-Sharp team;...

10:54Escape over at 7km

There are riders from Cannondale now launching attacks as Gilbert (BMC) and Westra (VCD) have been caught.

10:51Gilbert and Westra lead by 15"

The escape today started at the 2km mark and Gilbert and Westra are now just 15" ahead of the peloton.

10:50Prize classification review: part 03 ?? polka-dot jersey

Double points for the climbing classification are on offer for the finish so the the first 10 riders collect: 50, 40, 32, 28, 24, 26, 20, 16, 8 and 4 points, respectively.

Pierre Rolland (EUC) still wears the polka-dot jersey with 50 points, 17 more than Froome (SKY) while Porte (SKY) remains in third place with 28 points.
The climbs for stage 15 are: the cote d'Eyzin-Pinet (cat-4 at 20.5km), cote de Primarette (cat-4 at 26.5km), cote de Bourdeaux (cat-3 at 143km) and the ‘hors...

10:49Two in the lead early in stage 15: Gilbert and Westra

There are two riders on the attack early in stage 15: the world champion Philippe Gilbert (BMC) and Lieuwe Westra (VCD).

10:45Racing begins at 10.43am - 181 riders at the start

The white flag has been waved to signal the official start of the race to Mont Ventoux. We can expect a volley of attacks early on this long stage that started in Givors in the Rhone department and traverses through Isere, Drome and concludes in Vaucluse.

10:42Prize classification review: part 02 ?? green jersey

Yesterday was one of the few days in which Peter Sagan (CAN) scored no points in the race for the green jersey but the Slovakian still has a commanding lead with 357 points, well ahead of his nearest rival dual stage winner of the 2013 race Mark Cavendish (OPQ) who has a haul of 273pts.

André Greipel (LTB) is ranked third with 217, while another dual stage winner, Marcel Kittel (ARG) is third with 177pts.

The runner-up on day one, Alexander Kristoff (KAT) is fourth with...

10:3923 degrees at the start

Seb Piquet, the voice of Radio Tour, has told that it's 23 degrees in the car he travels in - the same vehicle that carries the chief commissaire as well as the technical director fo the race, Jean-François Pescheux.

He has also just announced that Fuglsang (AST) has punctured while in the neutral zone.

10:36Rolling in the neutral zone

The peloton is currently making its way to the start of the 15th stage. There are 181 riders still in the race. The peloton is currently in the neutral zone and the race will commence shortly.

10:33Comments from Mollema and Ten Dam...

“After yesterday, I felt that I recovered well," said Bauke Mollema after stage 14. "It was nice to have an easier final today ahead of Mont Ventoux.”
His team-mate Laurens Ten Dam is also in the top five overall and the Dutch pair are going to do all they can to take back some of the time they have lost to Froome in the first 14 stages.

“It was not easy today with the climbs at the start of the stage and almost every team fighting to make it in the escape," said Ten Dam in...

10:30Prize classification review: part 01 ?? yellow jersey

This is the seventh day that Chris Froome (SKY) wears the yellow jersey in the Tour de France. He has a lead of 2'28” on the leader of the Belkin team, Bauke Mollema and 2'45” over Alberto Contador (TST).

Roman Kreuziger (TST) is ranked fourth at 2'45” and another Belkin rider, Laurens Ten Dam is in fifth place at 3'01”.

10:26Survey on today...

For each stage of the Tour, the official site of the race poses a question for readers to answer. Today we ask:

Of the five at the top of the general classification after 14 stage, who will be best placed on Mont Ventoux?

- Chris Froome

- Bauke Mollema

- Alberto Contador

- Roman Kreuziger

- Laurens Ten Dam

Who is your pick?

10:24Welcome to the live coverage of stage 15

The highly anticipated race from Givors to Mont Ventoux is about to begin. The riders face the longest stage of the 100th Tour de France: 242.5km and the mythical climb up the Giant of Provence at the finish.

The sun is out and conditions are clear all the way to Mont Ventoux. Unlike the three most recent visits to this famous mountain, there is virtually no wind at the finish (early today) and the temperature before the start of the stage is around 19 degrees Celsius. This is...


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