Friday July 14th, 2017

Stage 13Saint-Girons / Foix

Start 14h45 (Local time)
  • Christian Prudhomme's comment

    Precisely 100. In terms of kilometres, never has such a short format been on the menu of the Tour since halfstages disappeared. It'll be a total contrast compared to what the riders witnessed on the previous day but the terrain will be just as favourable for, I hope, audacious initiatives. Dynamism linked to distance will be joined by a degree of difficulty in the climbs: the Col de Latrape followed by the Col d'Agnes and finally the Mur de Péguère and its gradients that can reach 18%.

Tourist attractions

On the road

Population: 153,000

Prefecture: Foix

Sub-prefectures: Saint-Girons, Pamiers

Surface: 4,890 km2

Specialties: Bethmale (cheese), Flocons d'Ariège (confectionery), Azinat (Garbure type soup), Mounjetado (mountain cassoulet), hypocras (medieval aperitif), cutlery, wool, horn objects

Sports Clubs: Sporting Club Pamiers, Union Sportive Saverdun, Sporting Club Saint-Girons, Union Sportive Foix (rugby union), Guidon Fuxéen (cycling), Boss Club des Monts d'Olmes (freestyle skiing). Events: Trail of the Citadels, Ronde de l'Isard, L'Ariégeoise (5,000 cyclists), Trail des Crêtes, Montcalm Marathon Challenge.

Main tourist sites: castle of Foix, Saint-Lizier Palace of the Bishops, Mas d'Azil cave, Niaux cave, Medieval city of Mirepoix, Ecogolf Ariège-Pyrenees, Montbel lake, Montségur castle.

Festivals: Festival of Saint-Lizier in Couserans, Jazz in Foix, Jazz'Velanet festival in Lavelanet, Tarascon Latino festival, Terre de Couleurs (Colourful Earth) festival, Festival RITE: dances, songs and music of the world, Resistances Film Festival, Les coulisses d'automne festival, MIMA: Festival of the arts of the puppet in Mirepoix, Summer of the Theatre festival in Couserans, Historical Festivals of Mirepoix, Foix Land of history, Couserans historical festival, Medieval festival in Mazères, Tout Foix Tout Flamme ...

Economy: hydrotherapy, round-the-year tourism, agropastoralism, hydroelectricity, talc exploitation, aeronautics subcontracting, textile, wood industry ...

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Nestled at the foot of the Pyrenees, Ariège is a land rich in its cultural, environmental and economic diversity. It combines traditions deeply rooted in the collective imagination and established industrial expertise. Aeronautical subcontracting and nanotechnologies are today the main assets for the development of the department. The art of living in Ariège has seduced far beyond its borders: in 10 years, some 25,000 new inhabitants have chosen to settle down in the plain or in the mountains of the department. 

Vic d'Oust © BastienM

Pop: 540
Notre-Dame de Vic in Oust is the most imposing church in Couserans. Its construction started in the late 11th century on the ruins of an early Christian building.

The peddlers shop
Located in the heart of the village of Soueix-Rogalle, the shop evokes the golden age of commerce in the area. It used to supply the mountain villages around with grocery goods and also served as a wholesaler for peddlers. Each shop had its specialty. Soueix was specialized in jewellery, haberdashery and religious objects: rosaries, medals from Lourdes, blessed stones, often destined for Algeria and Spain, where pedlars brought exotic products. About fifteen years ago, the last shopkeepers decided to donate the building to the commune of Soueix. After many months of work, the municipality opened this house to preserve its memory.

Official Timekeeper

Jersey wearers after the stage 21


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